4 Valentine’s Day Mugs for Everyone

4 Valentine's Day Mugs for Everyone

Ah, Valentine’s Day. I love the month of February because, even though the weather is less-than-stellar throughout most of America, there seems to be a small glimmer of spring ready to pop through. Maybe it’s the bright reds and pinks that riddle the stores¬†way too damn early¬†every year. Or maybe it’s that I’m a RomCom loving sap that is in love with love. Whatever it is, Valentine’s Day is a fave of mine. But, I really do feel like the Valentine’s Day gifts available in the big box store are tired AF. I mean, getting a variety pack of chocolates purchased either at Target, or my local 7-11 doesn’t really get me hot and bothered, if you know what I mean? Buckle down and keep reading for my favorite 4 Valentine’s Day mugs for everyone from Mugsby. Read more