Hurricane Harvey is an ASS | Charity Mugs

Charity Mugs

I think ya’ll know that I hail from the big, great, state for Texas. We’re loud, opinionated, and proud of our state, for all the right reasons. Hurricane Harvey was a giant ass, am I right? He destroyed a totally rad area of Texas, and that made us all super pissed. So how did Mugsby fight back? I rolled out a whole new line of charity mugs, where 100% of the proceeds went directly to Feeding Texas. Read more

Surprise – Grandparents Again! | Grandma and Grandpa Again Pregnancy Reveal


Grandma and Grandpa Again Pregnancy Reveal mug gift set

Many times, it seems like after you have a baby (or two) the “novelty” of another announcement wears off. I hear from many moms that once Grandma and Grandpa are welcoming in grand baby #8 (for instance) the pomp and circumstance is lacking, to say the least. Every single pregnancy deserves it’s time to shine, and that’s why this Grandma and Grandpa Again Pregnancy Reveal mug gift set is one of my best sellers in my Etsy shop. Read more

The Best Brownie in a Mug Recipe- Ever!

best brownie in a mug recipe

Have you ever settled in for a shameless Netflix binge watch sesh, only to discover that the PMS monster is hitting you in full force?  You may find yourself thinking, “damn, I need some f*cking chocolate. Stat!” (my inner voice swears. Is this normal?) As much as you want to demolish an entire pan of gooey brownies, the thought of whipping together some homemade treats spur of the moment may not be conceivable. Plus, it’s only 2 months into this New Year’s resolution- let’s save those antics for November, shall we? Girlfriend, I have an amazing recipe to share that I pinky promise you’ll thank me for one day: the best brownie in a mug recipe- ever! Read more