Charity Mugs

I think ya’ll know that I hail from the big, great, state for Texas. We’re loud, opinionated, and proud of our state, for all the right reasons. Hurricane Harvey was a giant ass, am I right? He destroyed a totally rad area of Texas, and that made us all super pissed. So how did Mugsby fight back? I rolled out a whole new line of charity mugs, where 100% of the proceeds went directly to Feeding Texas.

To say that I was completely blown away by the support of these mugs on social media is the understatement of the century. I had requests from across the globe; from hundreds in Texas, to Michigan, to freaking Australia. (That deserves emphasis, people. It’s a different continent.) We all worked together, and supported each other’s quest to simply become better humans. It was such an emotionally and physically draining time and to see everyone step up in his/her own way, is beyond words.

As I mentioned before, 100% of the profits were to be donated directly to Feeding Texas so that victims will be fed! We may be small fish in the sea, but we all came together,  and made a difference, being humans… good, amazing, life-changing humans.

For a little bit, we stopped arguing about politics, and banned together to help people that were impacted greatly and horribly by a force of nature larger than life. My personal facebook newsfeed was literally jam-packed with your awesome support for these mugs, and I loved the influx of Mugsby selfies, because I know that proceeds went to the greater good.

Charity Mugs Charity Mugs

My very talented friend, Phillip even donated his time and created this mug that I will proudly keep on my mug shelf for years to come. This is such a powerful message.

With your help, Mugsby was able to make a donation today to Feeding Texas in the amount of $3,157. I am humbled at what amazing friends and customers I have, and sincerely thank you for sticking around and helping feed Texas, one mug sale at a time.

Charity Mugs

Eff you,  hurricane Harvey.

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