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How did everyone’s Christmas day fare? Are you anything like me and realize that, after Christmas, it means that the New Year is quickly around the corner, and you totally dropped the ball on most of your “resolutions” you vowed to accomplish last year? Every year, I feel like organizing is at the top of my list. With all the kid’s toys, random crap-filled junk drawers everywhere, and overflowing bathroom vanities, along with the influx of new holiday gifts, it can leave me feeling overwhelmed. That’s why I love these Personalized Cosmetic Bags from Mugsby, because you can check one more area off your organization list, and can be fashionable, trendy, and practical while doing it.

You gift giving days may be limited, and you may be back to being a basic b*tch on a budget now, but these Personalized Cosmetic Bags are a convenient way to organize a space, while also making it practical for your lifestyle. And the thing is, they don’t have to just be for makeup. Maybe you’re a teacher and the bottom of your bag looks like a pencil factory threw up all over it? Or maybe you’re a makeup hoarder and you’re legitimately afraid that your eye shadow singles are going to take over your home one day and swallow you up whole. Or, maybe you’re a day planner addict and need a fun way to keep all your pens and stickers close by where they can be grabbed at a moments notice. I have found that the uses for these personalized cosmetic bags is endless, and they are the perfect, inexpensive way to feel more organized, and less chaotic.

Here’s a bit about the bags themselves:

  • Size. Our cotton canvas cosmetic bags are 10 in wide x 7 in tall
  • Color. Choose natural (with black text), black (with white text), or white (with black text)! All bags comes with a gold zipper and with lining inside.
  • Print. Image is printed on one side only
  • Weight. 10 oz, pure cotton canvas fabric
  • Care Instructions. Spot clean with mild soap and water
  • Printed in the U.S. All of our canvas bags are printed in house in the USA

Are you ready to get a small portion of your life back together, and put random crap in it’s place? Me too, girlfriend, me too.

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