Social Worker Gift

Did you guys know that March is National Professional Social Work Month? The world needs more social workers, if you ask me (which, you kind of did, because you’re reading my blog, right? Boom.) And guess what I have for you today? That’s right! The best social worker gift, on this planet! (I’ve had a few cups of coffee today.)

Social workers contribute so much to society, as a whole. They are extremely educated, yet also suffer from the same stigma that teachers typically fall into: overworked, underpaid, and under-appreciated. Being a social worker is a challenging, yet extremely rewarding career path. A social worker’s job is to primarily help individuals, and their responsibility could also include families, or groups of people. They help people cope with problems they are facing, as well as helping patient’s improve their lives. A social worker could work with infants and children, or even within the hospice realm, supporting their patients and their families cope with serious illness and death.

social worker gift

The chances are good that you know and love a social worker, yourself. I love this “Don’t make me use my social worker voice” mug in the Mugsby shop, because it’s a simple and affordable, yet extremely practical, social worker gift that they will be sure to appreciate.

I am really liking the idea of gifting your social worker bestie with some items designed to pamper them. Sheet masks are a great and inexpensive addition to this personalized social worker gift, and maybe a new lipstick hue, a fun spring-ready nail polish color, and some scented hand sanitizer.  Gift cards to places like Starbucks, Sephora or Ulta would be a great addition to place inside this cute gift for a social worker. That’s why Mugsby mugs make the perfect gifts, because you can stuff them with other totally rad and unique items, or leave them in the cute wrapped cellophane and confetti-filled packaging they arrive to your door in. Since they are also packaged when they leave my hands, it’s a great gift for an out of town social worker, as well! If you’re a social worker, all of us at Mugsby tip our metaphorical hats to you, and the amazing work you do within your community.

Happy National Professional Social Work Month!

social worker gift

social worker gift


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