Sloths are my Spirit Animal

You guys, let’s get real here. I think we all have that friend that’s lazy AF. Hell, that “friend” may even be you. Embrace it, girlfrand! That’s why these Sloths are my Spirit Animal Mugs are blowing up on my Instagram and Etsy page. This mug was born because I seriously think that sloths are adorable. I mean, what’s to hate about an animal that moves slowly and hangs out on tree branches and eats all day? I feel like that’s the epitome of life goals, in the animal kingdom. These mugs are the perfect little treat to gift yourself for simply being awesome, or gift your fellow sleepyhead friend and show some girl tribe solidarity alongside her.

As always, I’ve compiled a list of some funny slash amazing things that could go inside your mug, making it the perfect one for gifting:

  • A sleep mask
  • A bath bomb for relaxing in the tub
  • A gift card for a Kindle e-book
  • An amazing smelling pillow spray mist
  • A new pair of cozy socks
  • A bag of popcorn so they can Netflix it up (either in bed, or on the couch. No judgement here.)
  • Their favorite candy bars, in fun-sized version

To be incredibly honest with you, I feel like a sloth is my spirit animal. And apparently, half of instagram agrees, which totally validates my thoughts even more. I think we all want to hang around and just chill, but are too busy rocking our daily boss babe or mom life roles to allow ourselves that luxury. But when it does happen? It’s magical. The gates of heaven open, and a choir of angels sing heavenly songs, as a wave of relaxation rushes through our bodies. Those of you that get to experience it more often, I tip my hypothetical hat to you, my friend.

Sloths are my Spirit Animal Sloths are my Spirit Animal Sloths are my Spirit Animal Sloths are my Spirit Animal Sloths are my Spirit Animal Sloths are my Spirit Animal


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