It seems like before you know it, your favorite newlyweds are celebrating their first year or marital bliss. Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday they were dancing the Cha Cha Slide in some formal wear? If you’re in the market for the perfect Personalized Anniversary Gift, look no further than this Mr. & Mrs. gift set from Mugsby. 

A couple’s first year of marriage always seems to speed by, and you may be in the market for a unique and fun gift for them that’s cute and practical, and isn’t just another dumb monogrammed towel set from Pottery Barn to add to their home collection. I love the idea of getting the couple these fun mugs that will allow them to play the memory game from their special day last year, and fill them up with maybe a gift card for a date night, or you could go the affordable route and make them some homemade hot cocoa mix and some microwave popcorn bags for a fun night in of Netflix and chill.

The bride and groom will absolutely adore how unique the mugs are, and how they can be personalized with their last name and date on them. They will cherish them for years to come, and it will remind them of the good old days of them having fun as husband and wife, before 5am diaper changes and preschool registration takes over their lives.

I love the idea of a quiet weekend spent at home, curled up on the couch with my #1 ride or die guy. Encourage them to spend the afternoon reconnecting. Instead of falling asleep to their phone lights, make the tradition to look through their old wedding album together every anniversary, and reminisce about that one time their crazy drunk Aunt Patty lip-kissed a groomsman, or talk about what advice he’d give yourself now that they’re past the first year. Sure, these mugs aren’t magical wizards. They won’t open up the communication flood gates. But they do offer some personalized fun for the newlyweds, and I’m a sucker for love.

Tell me, how would you gift these adorable personalized mugs?


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