Llater Llosers Llama Mug

I think we all can agree by now that certain things make my little heart go pitter-patter. Pretty much anything related to sloths and llamas are guaranteed to bring me some fun inspiration for mugs. I’m back today full of some super-sweet Dad jokes, and to show you Mugsby’s amazing Llater Llosers Llama Mug. 

Llamas are awesome. Llaughing at the dry-humored dad jokes is also something that I llove to do. So I’m here today to bring you some of my favorite llama inspired jokes so you can sit back and chillax and do a good belly llaugh during the super busy holiday season.

  • Who is the llama spiritual leader? 
    • The Dalai Llama
  • Why did the llama cross the road?
    • Because it was the chicken’s day off.
  • What do you get if you stand between two llamas?
    • Llamanated
  • What do you call a very fast llama?
    • A llamagini
  • What did the llama say to the blade of grass?
    • Nice knawing you
  • What is more amazing than a talking llama?
    • A spelling bee
  • What is a llama’s favorite film?
    • Llamadeus

So now that you’ve essentially laughed your internet ass off, do you have a llama lloving friend that this mug is perfect for? With the holiday season coming up, let Mugsby be your little elf and your one-stop destination for all your gifting needs. We’ve got a wide variety of new products just in time for Christmas, as well as lots of amazing gifts that your best group of gal pals would love to get as bridesmaid gifts.

And not to be a big ol’ spoil sport, but Mugsby is cooking up some amazing things for 2018, so you’re going to want to make sure you’re following us for some behind the scene shares. Until then…llater llosers. 

Llater Llosers Llama Mug


Photos by: http://joelleelizabeth.com/

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