Jewel Tones Comestic Bag

I’m not sure if you know this, but jewel tones are super hot right now. In fact, colors in jewel tones have been Pantone’s color of the year for the past three years. We’re seeing this trend continue in accessories, as well as bridal colors as the weather changes and gets cooler. The deep dark reds, rich and elegant emeralds, and gorgeous sapphire blues are back, so I’m sure you’ll love our Jewel Tones Comestic Bag as much as I do.

As we move closer into the holiday season, you’ll begin to see the jewel tones around you more and more. After all, the quintessential Christmas colors of reds and greens are chic as-is, but take them to a whole new level by deepening the hues to channel the rubies and emerald vibes.

We especially love these cosmetic bags as a unique and practical gift for bridesmaids. They will be able to easily distinguish whose makeup is who’s on the day of the wedding, and keep everything perfectly organized, while also looking stylish. I love the idea of using these are personalized and creative bridesmaids gifts.

Some things that I think would pair perfectly with these Jewel Tones Comestic Bags would be:

Whatever holiday or occasion you are gifting for, I know that she will love this Jewel Tones Comestic Bag, as well as the sentiment behind getting something personalized, just for her. Make sure you browse through the other designs for cosmetic bags on the new site too!

Jewel Tones Comestic Bag

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