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I am a total sucker for a good pun. Which means that I laugh at my own jokes often. Typically I’m the only one laughing, too, but that’s a story for another day. But you know what? I don’t give a flock. Oh hey, see what I did there? It all came full circle. If you have a punny person in your tribe of friends, this hysterical I don’t give a flock mug funny Mugsby mug is the perfect gift to give them.

Since we already know that the perfect owner for this mug has a sense of humor, I love the idea of stuffing this mug with other funny jokes, such as:

  • Labeling a baggie of Cheerios as “Donut Seeds”
  • Labeling Q-tips as “beginner weights”
  • A bag of “lost” marbles
  • A piece of bubble wrap aka: “stress reliever”
  • Some “chill pills” (aka: M&M’s)
  • Some hot cocoa mix and “snowman poop” (marshmallows)
  • Labeling a bag of dried popcorn as a “corny joke.”

I think that they will appreciate your sense of humor in gifting them something unique and personalized to them, and you know that they will use it and display it proudly wherever they go. Did you know that all of my designs can also be done in multiple mug styles, such as 15oz, white with black handle, or a camping-style tin mug? So many different options!

I love working with such awesome photographers to stage my mugs in different, everyday situations. Once again, I worked with Oak & Iron Photography, and they did such a great job staging this funny mug, that’s perfect for gifting. If you’re in the market for a husband and wife photography team in Central Florida that is seriously amazing to work with, make sure to hit up their website and let them know that I said to say, “hi!”

I hope you enjoy these photos, and don’t forget to check out my Etsy shop for other super-funny mugs. (Shameless brag.)


I Don't Give a Flock Funny Mugsby Mug I Don't Give a Flock Funny Mugsby Mug

Photo cred: http://oakandironphoto.com/



  1. bhahaha I must love puns a little too much because I’m still laughing over “I don’t give a flock” over here. such a perfect mug for coffee on a Monday morning! awesome.

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