Humorous Teacher Appreciation Gift

Being a teacher is probably the most noble profession out there. They go to college for a billion years, probably get themselves into tons of student loan debt, and they do it all so they can teach snot-nosed kids all day for barely enough money to pay for their aforementioned loan debt, and their rent. That’s why they are such bad-asses, and the world totally needs more amaze-balls teachers to shape the lives of today’s youth. Teachers love this humorous teacher appreciation gift from Mugsby.

It seems like everyone wants to give unique and thoughtful gifts to your child’s teacher for holidays. Lord knows that the last thing that teacher needs is another scented candle, or Christmas ornament with “teacher” written across it on an apple shape. Those gifts are boring, and if the teacher has been in their profession longer than a year- they probably have eleventy-billion of them already. Why not gift the teacher something humorous, that she’s sure to use? I adore this I teach- therefore I’m poor customized mug from Mugsby.

Humorous Teacher Appreciation Gift

I love the idea of stuffing some yummy coffee beans into the mug and wrapping it up. Maybe she can even keep it on the edge of her desk to collect her tips in? They will love the joke and sentiment behind this Humorous Teacher Appreciation Gift, and you’ll love giving a totally rad gift that you know they won’t be re-gifting to their Grandma for Mother’s Day anytime soon. You can also put a visa giftcard into the mug, to play off the whole “poor” part, or even fill it up with some seasonally appropriate colored M&Ms. Anything works, and you’re sure to be in the receiving end of a big old belly laugh from your fun-loving teacher.

Shop: I teach- therefore I’m poor. Help me, I’m poor.

Humorous Teacher Appreciation Gift
Humorous Teacher Appreciation Gift  Humorous Teacher Appreciation Gift  Humorous Teacher Appreciation Gift

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