Future Mrs. Mug

I’m not sure if I’m alone in witnessing a trend, but it seems to me that engagement announcements start taking over my Facebook news feed every year around the holidays. (Until you hit the age that all your friends are married off, and are on baby number 3+. But we won’t go there.) If you have a newly engaged girlfriend, this Future Mrs. Mug from Mugsby is the perfect gift to give her this holiday season. 

The holiday season is seriously magical, and I can feel the shift happen every year, as the days shorten and the world around us is filled with more cheer and merriment. Ok, so it’s also full of stress and short tempers, but I purposefully ignore those aspects and choose to focus on the good parts. The holiday season is the perfect time for marriage proposals, and I love opening up my feed to see the excited announcement with thousands of congratulatory comments listed below it. It does my heart good. If you’re anything like me, you want to celebrate this exciting life change with your girlfriend, and what better way than with a fun little gift to give her, that is unique and personalized fully to her. (Bonus points: It’s affordable, so you don’t get a serious case of the Christmas poors.)

Mugsby mugs are also amazing to gift to your friend that isn’t local, as I can easily ship them anywhere in the continental United States, and put some thought and effort behind my packaging so when it arrives at someone’s house, it’s ready to gift. I fill each mug with some paper confetti, and then they are wrapped in a fun cellophane, and tied off with a cute little ribbon. Out of the box, it’s ready to go, making them the ideal gift to send your gal pal, regardless of where she may call “home.”


Tell me: What’s your “go to” item to gift your friends?


Future Mrs. Mug

Future Mrs. Mug

Photo cred: http://joelleelizabeth.com/

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