Creative Pregnancy Announcement

Oh em gee, you’re pregnant! You may still be in those very early beginning stages where you’re only ready to share your good news with your husband, bestie, and maybe some random stranger in the supermarket that you’re guaranteed to never ever see again in your life. I’m here today with a super cute and unique way to share your good news with the world, starting with the future grandparents. I love thisĀ Creative Pregnancy Announcement idea, and since this customized grandparents mug has seriously been a best seller in my shop for ages, other people obviously agree.

Giving the soon-to-be grandparents a gift is a popular idea for good reason; it’s cute and can be personalized. But really, what is it about things that say “Grandpa?” They all have either a fishing pole, or a wrench on it. Why? I don’t understand that fad. And Grandma things all tend to look very old fashioned. Your parents aren’t the typical grandparents. They are stylish, and fun, and (maybe) they don’t go gaga forĀ knitting and fishing? That’s why I wanted to create something fun, practical, and attractive so you can give them a gift that you know they will love and use on a daily basis.

These mugs can totally be customized. I’ve put tons of different titles on the mug, from Nana & Papa to Glam-ma (which was explained is short for “woman whose children have had children, but she’s far too young, gorgeous, and glamorous to be called “Grandma.”) If your parents have a fun and unique grandparent nickname, I’d love to customize it on the mug! The date can also be changed to either an estimated due date, or change it to the date that they originally became promoted.

I love the idea of having both sets of parents over for dinner, and surprising everyone with these mugs. I’m sure they’ll love the sentiment, as well as the Creative Pregnancy Announcement mug from Mugsby that they’ll be showing off to their friends in the coming months.

Creative Pregnancy Announcement

Creative Pregnancy Announcement


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