5 Hilarious Must Have Mugs

I love a good belly laugh. But you know what? Sometimes all my humor and sass is gone-zo in the morning if I haven’t had my coffee yet. Having a funny coffee mugs allows me to feel witty all the time, even when I clearly am not. That’s why I’m here today to bring you my top 5 Hilarious Must Have Mugs, courtesy of Mugsby.

5 Hilarious Must Have Mugs

Coffee Gives Me The Shits

Here’s some fun truth talk, right? There’s a myriad of reasons why coffee is the best. It wakes your tired ass up every morning. It tastes delicious. Studies even say it’s good for you! Oh, and it helps you poop. Embrace it, friends.

5 Hilarious Must Have Mugs

Don’t Worry Dishes, Nobody Is Doing Me Either

Feeling a bit bitter about your recent dry spell? Flip that shit around and turn it into a funny joke every morning. Being sarcastic about it makes it better, right?

5 Hilarious Must Have Mugs

Fresh Out Of Fucks

Everyone has their breaking point. Mine happens way more than it should, but when I’m fresh out of fucks, I always reach for this bad boy in my cabinet. Which, is nearly daily.

5 Hilarious Must Have Mugs


Doesn’t everyone love a good pun involving a llama? I know I do. They are cute. They spit at you if you piss them off. What’s not to love about this adorable creature with the weirdest spelling, ever?

5 Hilarious Must Have Mugs

Zero Sloths Given (Because Sloths Are The New Fox)

What’s the fox say? Who gives AF? It’s all about sloths now, friends. So much so, in fact, I just wrote an entire blog post last week about sloths. You should seriously check it out.

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So if you’re in the mood for a hysterical mug, or know the perfect fellow knee-slapping person that would appreciate these totally rad and funny mugs, make sure you head over to Mugsby to see tons more. Seriously, I’m funny guys.

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