Personalized Christmas Mugs from Mugsby

Personalized Christmas mugs

Don’t get all bent-out-of-shape with this blog, since I am well aware that Christmas is now nearly two months away. But I can’t help it; I love the holiday season and all the joy, and fa-la-la that it brings along with it. I thought that I would pop on and share some of my brand spankin’ new Personalized Christmas mugs that we created especially for this holiday season.  Read more

8 Creative Ways to Announce a Pregnancy with Mugsby


8 Creative Ways to Announce a Pregnancy with Mugsby

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to announce a pregnancy. Everyone is already in the jolly and festive spirit, and the love for moms and kids is radiating out of every single store, shop, and TV commercial. To say that it already puts people in a celebratory mood is being generous, and I could probably throw out about 35 different adjectives right now (but, I won’t. Because you’re not here to listen to my rants. Unless you are, and my wit has lured you in. Welcome.*evil villain laugh*) But I will share with you my 8 Creative Ways to Announce a Pregnancy with Mugsby.  Read more

Humorous Teacher Appreciation Gift by Mugsby

Humorous Teacher Appreciation Gift

Being a teacher is probably the most noble profession out there. They go to college for a billion years, probably get themselves into tons of student loan debt, and they do it all so they can teach snot-nosed kids all day for barely enough money to pay for their aforementioned loan debt, and their rent. That’s why they are such bad-asses, and the world totally needs more amaze-balls teachers to shape the lives of today’s youth. Teachers love this humorous teacher appreciation gift from Mugsby. Read more

4 Valentine’s Day Mugs for Everyone

4 Valentine's Day Mugs for Everyone

Ah, Valentine’s Day. I love the month of February because, even though the weather is less-than-stellar throughout most of America, there seems to be a small glimmer of spring ready to pop through. Maybe it’s the bright reds and pinks that riddle the stores way too damn early every year. Or maybe it’s that I’m a RomCom loving sap that is in love with love. Whatever it is, Valentine’s Day is a fave of mine. But, I really do feel like the Valentine’s Day gifts available in the big box store are tired AF. I mean, getting a variety pack of chocolates purchased either at Target, or my local 7-11 doesn’t really get me hot and bothered, if you know what I mean? Buckle down and keep reading for my favorite 4 Valentine’s Day mugs for everyone from Mugsby. Read more