Boss Babe Mug by Mugsby for the #GirlBoss in your life

Ya’ll, today is International Women’s Day! Take off your bras and do a little hallelujah shimmy with me, please? We all know that #GirlBoss. She’s a total badass, and is taking her life and career by storm, and looks pretty freaking fabulous while doing it. Today I want to share with you my favorite she-gift for the HBIC (head bitch in charge): The Boss Babe Mug by Mugsby. Read more

Humorous Teacher Appreciation Gift by Mugsby

Humorous Teacher Appreciation Gift

Being a teacher is probably the most noble profession out there. They go to college for a billion years, probably get themselves into tons of student loan debt, and they do it all so they can teach snot-nosed kids all day for barely enough money to pay for their aforementioned loan debt, and their rent. That’s why they are such bad-asses, and the world totally needs more amaze-balls teachers to shape the lives of today’s youth. Teachers love this humorous teacher appreciation gift from Mugsby. Read more

The Perfect Engagement Gift with Mugsby

The Perfect Engagement Gift with Mugsby

Your friend just posted her super excited selfie announcing her engagement. Que all the high pitched squealing sounds- she’ll finally be part of your married lady tribe! If you’re in the market for  The Perfect Engagement Gift with Mugsby, I’ve got just the suggestion for you. Does this ring make me look engaged? is legit a huge seller with Mugsby, probably because typical engagement gifts tend to be tired and lame. Not anymore, I declare! This mug will quickly become her fave, and she’ll probs even feature it prominently on her social media. Read more

Creative Pregnancy Announcement with Mugsby

Creative Pregnancy Announcement

Oh em gee, you’re pregnant! You may still be in those very early beginning stages where you’re only ready to share your good news with your husband, bestie, and maybe some random stranger in the supermarket that you’re guaranteed to never ever see again in your life. I’m here today with a super cute and unique way to share your good news with the world, starting with the future grandparents. I love this Creative Pregnancy Announcement idea, and since this customized grandparents mug has seriously been a best seller in my shop for ages, other people obviously agree. Read more