New Product | Dishwasher Magnets


Dishwasher Magnets

I’m back again today with a new(ish) product that Mugsby is excited to begin offering: dishwasher magnets. As many of you know, we’ve been venturing into the wood personalizing space, and we love these ultra-chic magnets that are perfect for those of us who are busy AF and need as many helpful reminders as possible throughout the day. Read more

Jewel Tones Comestic Bag

Jewel Tones Comestic Bag

I’m not sure if you know this, but jewel tones are super hot right now. In fact, colors in jewel tones have been Pantone’s color of the year for the past three years. We’re seeing this trend continue in accessories, as well as bridal colors as the weather changes and gets cooler. The deep dark reds, rich and elegant emeralds, and gorgeous sapphire blues are back, so I’m sure you’ll love our Jewel Tones Comestic Bag as much as I do. Read more

Personalized Christmas Mugs from Mugsby

Personalized Christmas mugs

Don’t get all bent-out-of-shape with this blog, since I am well aware that Christmas is now nearly two months away. But I can’t help it; I love the holiday season and all the joy, and fa-la-la that it brings along with it. I thought that I would pop on and share some of my brand spankin’ new Personalized Christmas mugs that we created especially for this holiday season.  Read more

Calling all my Fellow Basic B’s | Pumpkin Spice Everything Mug

Pumpkin Spice Everything Mug

Ahh, the smell of sweet, sweet fall. Fall is the perfect time to kick on your UGG boots, pull on a chunky sweater over your leggings, throw your hair in a top knot, and curl up with a good book and a cup of homemade pumpkin spice coffee. Sorry, I may or may not have just described my everyday life from September through the end of November. I have no qualms admitting to my own basic b*tch tendencies, and always appreciate my fellow fall-loving-gals who are in the same boat (or, seasonally-festive hay ride) as I am. If you have a pumpkin spice addict in your home, this Pumpkin Spice “Everything” Mug from Mugsby is OMG, literally….everything. Read more

3 Sloth Mugs You’ll Love

3 Sloth Mugs You'll Love
Did you ever see that viral video of Kristen Bell when her husband, Dax Shephard, brought her a baby sloth to hold for her birthday and she freaked the fox out? I’m talking crying, blubbering, hot mess freaked out? If you haven’t, you need to watch it. And once you watch it, you’ll want one (or all three) of my new, Sloth Mugs. So I’m back at it again today to proclaim loud and proud to the world that foxes are out, and sloths are in. I’m bringing you 3 Sloth Mugs You’ll Love to have in your mug arsenal, or perhaps gift to your spirit animal bestie. Read more

5 Hilarious Must Have Mugs

5 Hilarious Must Have Mugs

I love a good belly laugh. But you know what? Sometimes all my humor and sass is gone-zo in the morning if I haven’t had my coffee yet. Having a funny coffee mugs allows me to feel witty all the time, even when I clearly am not. That’s why I’m here today to bring you my top 5 Hilarious Must Have Mugs, courtesy of Mugsby. Read more

SLP Gifts She’ll Love

SLP Gifts She'll Love

There’s a special place in my heart for speech language pathologists (also usually identified as “SLP’s.”) It’s an awesome career path, and I’m honored to have my life and heart touched by SLPs pretty regularly. I’ve rounded up my favorite SLP Gifts That She’ll Love. Hold on to your coffee and makeup, friends. Christmas is coming up and we all know she’ll flip for some SLP mug love. Read more

Hurricane Harvey is an ASS | Charity Mugs

Charity Mugs

I think ya’ll know that I hail from the big, great, state for Texas. We’re loud, opinionated, and proud of our state, for all the right reasons. Hurricane Harvey was a giant ass, am I right? He destroyed a totally rad area of Texas, and that made us all super pissed. So how did Mugsby fight back? I rolled out a whole new line of charity mugs, where 100% of the proceeds went directly to Feeding Texas. Read more